Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ironic pain

this is the beginning of another life of some weird sort, a sort of ironicness and some mixture between the rich and the poor, between the devastated and the heavenly creatures, the human heavenly creatures!!

they say that pain brings out all the creativeness in one's reservoir of the vocabulary of pain plus some additional pain as well, weird isn't it? all the creativeness is buried inside some hole of some paralyzing environments.. all this creativeness only needs pain to bring it out, as if our benign human existence on earth does not lack pain already!!

pain is everywhere, from down the streets and corners of the most devastated ghettos to the most extravagant lifstyles of the wealthy, weird and ironic isn't it? whenever you walk, wherever you walk, this is pain talking loudly..

they say that ways are so much different for the same death.. yes true, but pain is also always different but for different pains as well. there is the pain of living a life in which you have no clue if you have any influence in your existence at all. on the other side of the equation, there is the pain of continuously finding a way to search for more money, more and more and more, even though we are not satisfied with the money we got, and actually we would never be... alas, what a life!!

weird is this life to the extent that you live all pains. all pains gathered together to form the greatest pain that you could live with: the pain of not being able to do sth about all this pain... weird isn't it??

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