Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jon Stwart again on Bush, really sarcastic!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Real Fox News Exposed in "Outfoxed"

Fox News' emblem, "Fair and Balanced," is challenged and vehemently criticized in this documentary: "Outfoxed." All the perceptions that we have about Fox News channel are being analyzed and systematically studied. Is the channel carrying a right wing propaganda carried out and ordered by Rupert Murdoch? This question and other questions are exposed here to open the eyes of the American people and the world about how this channel is brainwashing Americans. Former journalists and employees who worked for Fox News are judging the channel's journalistic policy and its tendency towards extreme bias to right wing propaganda.

Via: VideoSift

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cool Syrian music

Here is Bashar Moussa (from Kulna Sawa band) again reproducing some old Syrian traditional songs in a modern style that appeals to the youth. "Lolali" is a song that is known to the vast majority of Syrians as a patriotic song that reminds us of the heroic deeds of our ancestors. Reproduced in English and in Arabic, the song now has a new meaning that really attracts attention.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Presidential foto-ops, by jon stweart

Jon Stewart is mocking the presidents' foto-ops while campaigning for their candidacy. HILARIOUS, REALLY...

Friday, April 13, 2007


Ittihad of Aleppo and Karameh of Homs performed the worst scenario ever yesterday in the Asian champions league, with Ittihad losing 4-0 and Karameh tying in the last minute. The so called Syrian "dawree momtaz" is not helping graduate loyal players whose allegiance is more to the perfection of soccer regardless of all the other circumstances, financial and otherwise. Despite the big improvement in the quality of the soccer stadiums, the last one is the long-waiting-for Aleppo International Stadium, there was only a slight improvement in the quality of the players themselves. With the exception of Karameh last year, which was almost gonna win the Asian champions league, it seems that it is destined for the Syrian teams to remain as poorly performing forever as we have seen for probably the last twenty years or so. And it also seems that it is destined for the passionate Syrian soccer fans, especially those who love and support vehemently the Syrian soccer teams, will not live a day in which they can see their Syrian teams win something valuable in the world soccer competitions. Well, may be we will have to wait for another twenty years (just like we waited for its highness, the huge Aleppo stadium) to enjoy seeing a team which speaks our minds and our passions and translate all our hopes into reality. Hell, it is gonna take a damn long time!!! NO OFFENSE

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Talking to Syria, the dilemma of this American administration

This American administration is unbelievably undecided and hard-headed in terms of setting up diplomatic relations with its "arch enemies". It seems that the conservatives have vowed not to condecsend and start even a simple conversation with the Syrians. The majority of Republicans are sticking to their uncondecsending position on Syria and Iran, and they are trying to fight their best to convince the American public of the evilness of the Syrians. Well, bad luck for them!! At present, they are gradually losing the battle, and more Democrats, and even some Replublicans, are convinced that they have got to talk to the Syrians as a very possible starting step towards easing the burden on the Americans in Iraq.

Just this morning on CNN, senator Joe Lieberman has made the exact same mistake this American administration has been so keen on committing. According to Lieberman, America is in war with the "Islamic terroists" who attacked the U.S., despite Wolf Blitzer's assertion to him that the Syrians and the Iraqis "had nothing to do with 9/11." This is the absolute ignorance that this part of the American politics is totally immersed in to the extent that they cannot blow up this huge bubble of ignorance, and instead familiriaze themselves with what the Middle East politics looks like.

Back to talking with Syria. It looks like the American administration is not going to take on a new track and believe that the Syrians could do something. In fact, the Syrians can do lots of things, it is just that this whole embargo idea against the Syrians is, if i may say, politically incorrect, and does not contribute to a further peaceful solution to the enormous mess the Americans have made in the region.

What's up with blogging?

Here is a fairly new pheonomonon, it's called blogging. Well, this is nothing new for all the bloggers on the net who are markedly and enormously increasing in numbers and improving in quality. Nevertheless, what's the secret of blogging that is attracting all people who have access to the net to have a blog? Probably it is this new total freedom of expressing one's opinion on the net without even having to disclose the personality or the character behind these posts. This is something very valuable for those who are not often given the stage to express their minds and thoughts freely in public, not to mention even on the net.

Probably it is becoming like the white pages of a notebook in which one can go wild without having to worry about the criticism of anyone, because in this case one has the total choice to edit anything one wants and would like to. This is not being afraid of being criticized, it is just all about the absolute freedom that any blogger enjoys while blogging. It could be compared to a little boy scratching what his imagination is dictating him on a paper or even on a wall or table or any crazy place , no matter what the consequences are as long as he is satisfied with the results.

This is all about blogging that I can see right now. I am also still an infant inthis field, and i am trying to crawl and set my imagination free to whatever subject I might think about.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Eddie Izzard, the stand-up comic wizard

Here is the hilariously-sarcastic Eddie Izzard on being bilingual. Being bilingual might not be a blessing sometimes, or is it??


The Luxurious super-rich people of the Middle East

luxury in this mini-documentary (or whatever you might wanna call it) is unfathomable and sometimes unimaginable compared to the extremely poor people in the Middle East. Life is really so ironic and often times so unbelievable when one puts some thought into it. Well, what the heck! billions of dollars are being "wasted" and nobody really cares.

Anyways, why bother?? just watch it damn it :)


Bill Oreilly outshouting his guest..WOW !!

Bill Oreilly is outshouting his guest on air... and they say Arabs can't have a civilized conversation...that's damn bullshit

looks like the infamous Opposite Direction is much better than we think :)

Opening of the International Stadium of Aleppo...finally there!!

Here is the opening ceremony of the Aleppo international soccer stadium, the second biggest in the Middle East. ENJOY IT!!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Peace train,, take me home again.. yes again!!

Finally, almost one month and I will be home. Can't believe that two years have just flashed like a superfast light carried with the odor of sweet memories that will be engraved and remembered for the rest of my life. Finally, i will be able to smell the lovely dust of home, live the supernatural spirituality, run away from this meaningless materialism of life in this country that almost was gonna deteriorate my soul and make me forget my essence as someone who has come from the heart of the world civilization.

Yes i am not home yet, but i can feel it every single day in my dreams, in my day dreams, in my thoughts, in my longings to meet the loved ones, in my tender shift towards the coming unknown phase of my life, and probably in my almost absolutely unknown future career. Well, who gives a damn! For the time being, everything that matters is home, everything that is dear is related to home, despite all the negativities surrounding home..

Yes, home is my attempt to free my mind and my soul from the shackles of materialism and from the ropes that tied my body under the mere avariciousness of every day life in this shackled and roped country.

Come on peace train, please take me home again, at least for a while, at least for some kind of refreshment of the soul. Come on peace train, blow some refreshing air deep into my spirit and let me breathe for a while the fragrance of my beloved city, and the emotional togetherness after having lived under the unfair individualism for two freaking years..

come on peace train, take me home again...yes again