Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Farewell Love

farewell love,
i am bidding you a TEMPORARY farewell.
God's decree has put us together some three years ago,
in an unimaginable way.
you, among all the ladies in the entire universe,
have pierced through my arteries,
crossed my veins,
reached the core of my heart.

it is God's decree which is setting us apart now.
my human weakness has been subdued by the power of God.
my human desires, dreams, love, faithfulness,
have been subjugated by the will of Almighty God.
I surrender with all strength left in my human flesh,
to that power and will.
oh God take me somewhere else,
just let your mercy and compassion hold me with such abundance,
so that i forget, forgive, pass on, move on.
oh God, i beseech you to let me go
to set me free,
from the beautiful shackles of love.
for my heart has become weak, my passion has known no boundaries,
my faithfulness reached stupidity.
and in the end,
only Your decree, will and power
are the landmarks of our life.

i am not ashamed of love,
i am not shy of saying: "i love you".
i declare it deep in my soul,
that i just adore you.
and while i know you might not be mine,
only stupid hope will let me live to love again.
only that love i wish it was yours,
because i vowed to you once on a full-moon night,
that i am yours, in flesh, body, and soul...
and i vow again,
to keep the sanctity of your love...