Tuesday, May 31, 2011

National Geographic Magazine: The Arabic Version

This is an article I wrote for elan Magazine.

Since the very first issue in 1888, and for over 120 years of its establishment, the National Geographic Magazine has bestowed its knowledge-passionate readers with exceptional on-ground and first-hand reports and photos about planet earth, its nature, its beauty, its inhabitants, and the outer space that surrounds the blue planet. It has delved deep into the forgotten history of nations, and it has been the emblem of professional scientific research, towards which millions of dollars were spent. The magazine has been printed in over 30 languages. And finally, the year 2010 witnessed the breakthrough of an Arabic version of this invaluable treasure.

The initiative to publish the magazine was undertaken by Abu Dhabi Media Company, which is based in the UAE. The same elegance and eloquence of the English version is nicely reflected in its Arabic sister, thus defining a new age for Arab readers who have been thirsty for knowledge but for many years were unfortunate for the lack of serious scientific resources or publications in Arabic. Another reflection in this magazine is the Arab generosity represented in the DVDs which are distributed for free with each issue, and which present some valuable National Geographic Channel’s programs dubbed into Arabic and aired regularly on the National Geographic Abu Dhabi channel.

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