Friday, April 6, 2007

Peace train,, take me home again.. yes again!!

Finally, almost one month and I will be home. Can't believe that two years have just flashed like a superfast light carried with the odor of sweet memories that will be engraved and remembered for the rest of my life. Finally, i will be able to smell the lovely dust of home, live the supernatural spirituality, run away from this meaningless materialism of life in this country that almost was gonna deteriorate my soul and make me forget my essence as someone who has come from the heart of the world civilization.

Yes i am not home yet, but i can feel it every single day in my dreams, in my day dreams, in my thoughts, in my longings to meet the loved ones, in my tender shift towards the coming unknown phase of my life, and probably in my almost absolutely unknown future career. Well, who gives a damn! For the time being, everything that matters is home, everything that is dear is related to home, despite all the negativities surrounding home..

Yes, home is my attempt to free my mind and my soul from the shackles of materialism and from the ropes that tied my body under the mere avariciousness of every day life in this shackled and roped country.

Come on peace train, please take me home again, at least for a while, at least for some kind of refreshment of the soul. Come on peace train, blow some refreshing air deep into my spirit and let me breathe for a while the fragrance of my beloved city, and the emotional togetherness after having lived under the unfair individualism for two freaking years..

come on peace train, take me home again...yes again

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