Sunday, April 8, 2007

What's up with blogging?

Here is a fairly new pheonomonon, it's called blogging. Well, this is nothing new for all the bloggers on the net who are markedly and enormously increasing in numbers and improving in quality. Nevertheless, what's the secret of blogging that is attracting all people who have access to the net to have a blog? Probably it is this new total freedom of expressing one's opinion on the net without even having to disclose the personality or the character behind these posts. This is something very valuable for those who are not often given the stage to express their minds and thoughts freely in public, not to mention even on the net.

Probably it is becoming like the white pages of a notebook in which one can go wild without having to worry about the criticism of anyone, because in this case one has the total choice to edit anything one wants and would like to. This is not being afraid of being criticized, it is just all about the absolute freedom that any blogger enjoys while blogging. It could be compared to a little boy scratching what his imagination is dictating him on a paper or even on a wall or table or any crazy place , no matter what the consequences are as long as he is satisfied with the results.

This is all about blogging that I can see right now. I am also still an infant inthis field, and i am trying to crawl and set my imagination free to whatever subject I might think about.

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