Sunday, April 8, 2007

Talking to Syria, the dilemma of this American administration

This American administration is unbelievably undecided and hard-headed in terms of setting up diplomatic relations with its "arch enemies". It seems that the conservatives have vowed not to condecsend and start even a simple conversation with the Syrians. The majority of Republicans are sticking to their uncondecsending position on Syria and Iran, and they are trying to fight their best to convince the American public of the evilness of the Syrians. Well, bad luck for them!! At present, they are gradually losing the battle, and more Democrats, and even some Replublicans, are convinced that they have got to talk to the Syrians as a very possible starting step towards easing the burden on the Americans in Iraq.

Just this morning on CNN, senator Joe Lieberman has made the exact same mistake this American administration has been so keen on committing. According to Lieberman, America is in war with the "Islamic terroists" who attacked the U.S., despite Wolf Blitzer's assertion to him that the Syrians and the Iraqis "had nothing to do with 9/11." This is the absolute ignorance that this part of the American politics is totally immersed in to the extent that they cannot blow up this huge bubble of ignorance, and instead familiriaze themselves with what the Middle East politics looks like.

Back to talking with Syria. It looks like the American administration is not going to take on a new track and believe that the Syrians could do something. In fact, the Syrians can do lots of things, it is just that this whole embargo idea against the Syrians is, if i may say, politically incorrect, and does not contribute to a further peaceful solution to the enormous mess the Americans have made in the region.

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