Friday, April 13, 2007


Ittihad of Aleppo and Karameh of Homs performed the worst scenario ever yesterday in the Asian champions league, with Ittihad losing 4-0 and Karameh tying in the last minute. The so called Syrian "dawree momtaz" is not helping graduate loyal players whose allegiance is more to the perfection of soccer regardless of all the other circumstances, financial and otherwise. Despite the big improvement in the quality of the soccer stadiums, the last one is the long-waiting-for Aleppo International Stadium, there was only a slight improvement in the quality of the players themselves. With the exception of Karameh last year, which was almost gonna win the Asian champions league, it seems that it is destined for the Syrian teams to remain as poorly performing forever as we have seen for probably the last twenty years or so. And it also seems that it is destined for the passionate Syrian soccer fans, especially those who love and support vehemently the Syrian soccer teams, will not live a day in which they can see their Syrian teams win something valuable in the world soccer competitions. Well, may be we will have to wait for another twenty years (just like we waited for its highness, the huge Aleppo stadium) to enjoy seeing a team which speaks our minds and our passions and translate all our hopes into reality. Hell, it is gonna take a damn long time!!! NO OFFENSE

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