Friday, August 1, 2008

Ignorance, Indeed a Disaster

People in our so called "third world" are often inclined to despise the learned and the knowledgeable, not for so much sin that this learned has committed, except that according to that ignorant it is the damn philosophizing and the continuous bullshitting that does not feed the hungry and silence the empty pocket from screaming for money...

mm, well understood. For in these circumstances where someone learned is destined to live amongst the "how-to-bring-more-money-while-ignorant-thinkers" it is more like living a life in which knowledge and every fucking word we have learned at school is worth what money does it bring, or else it is absolutely worthless..

In a world where knowledge is looked down upon, those with filled pockets are highly looked upon (if i may use the expression!) even though this ignorant piece of shit does not understand the difference between achieving something valuable in the far far away kingdom of knowledge, and the continuous mind-aching dilemmas that those with filled pockets are getting every single day of their lives just for the sake of getting more and more money..

Well, our daily existence in this life teaches us very important damn lesson: ignorance is the true disaster of our time. What is even a trueR disaster is having to bear the moments spent with the company of these people just because what i can call "the-pocket-nourishment" depends solely on them. it is really funny, ironic, disastrous, catastrophic, call it whatever u want, that one spends the flowering days of one's youth trying to learn what those "LEARNED" have endowed on us with their beautiful minds, while at the end of these flowering days, this is all gone for the sake of TRYING to live a decent life, alas, with the company of those ... well now you know them very well by now.

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