Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Double Standards

Following on the previous topic of "Dubai Daily Concerns", it is noticeable how double standards are applied in this country, and my thinking goes for the Gulf countries in general. So, my friends and I had a discussion lately about how foreigners, and especially the British and Americans, are treated in this country differently in terms of facilitating almost everything (and I mean everything) to them. They do not have to run the driving tests in order to get a driving license, they have an unbelievable easy process of obtaining the visa, they usually get higher salaries than other nationalities ..., and the list goes on.

Well, this might be a stark generalization of concepts in here, but living in Dubai certainly makes you realize that point. But where are the double standards in here? Well, my smart friends and I have agreed (and it is a well-known fact) that for Arabs to get a visa to either America or Britain is something of a c-section operation, not to mention the famous suspicions of us being (God forbid) of the "terrorist sort of people", thus being denied the visa in many cases. It is very interesting how the Gulf countries are opening their arms and shoulders to welcome those foreigners without hesitation; in the meanwhile those foreigners' countries have the most terrible restrictions on us the Arabs. DUDE!!

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