Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Tribue to a Love Story

love is only a simple word,
constituted of a simple alphabet,
an alphabet of 26 letters that chose those four to represent,
such heavenly feelings that only the hard-hearted will never know.

love has been a story,
a little lovely tale among so many.
some have gone all the way, others were destined to live love without completion,
not knowing that hesitation and frustration,
have both caused the two poor souls to fall under devastation.

the alphabet was wondering,
it chose both our names and destined the four-lettered "love"
to bond between the two names.
the alphabet has started to shed a tear,
the tear began falling,
screaming in all strength,
shouting with all its anatomical constitution,
"ALAS". alas for a lost love,
that bonded two beautiful souls and minds,
to live a wild mindless life not caring,
for freaking realities.

the four-lettered word can always remember though.
it can constantly appreciate the sweat and blood put through,
the time and dreams lived,
the one roof that was always thought to be,
the future residence of the pure loving souls.
the four-lettered word will never be forgetful,
of the pure intentions both names were praying for God to implement.

but, in the matter of our present time,
the alphabet is still hopeful,
that some of its members could formulate
one dreaming reality that only God is capable of.
the alphabet is still screaming:
"come on word,
come on here and bond those souls together again,
gather their names again under the roof of love.
come on word, and let them live
love as it should be."
the word is of course: "MIRACLE".

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