Thursday, May 20, 2010

Miss America, or Miss Hizbullah!!

Rima Fakih, who was recently crowned Miss America, is under the microscope. And this microscope is indeed a harsh one which shows all the mistakes Miss America was unfortunately born with. Apparently, the conservatives in the U.S. did not like the fact that a Muslim girl has won a famous beauty pageant. She is currently being linked to the "terrorist" Hizbullah in an effort to demonize everything Muslim. Come on, it is a beauty pageant!! Though not a fan at all of such contests that, i believe, are only an emblem of commodifying women, it still amazes me how much conservatives and those who are fierce opponents of everything "Muslim" try to continue on the road of demonization. What i say is not meant to defend Miss America; however, the huge negative response this thing has brought about is only a wonder to the eye of the beholder, an eye which has definitely enjoyed watching the Misses competing to win the long-awaited title. Unfortunately this time, the eye of the "conservative" beholder did not like the Miss. Or should I call her: Miss Hizbullah??? Come on, get a life people..