Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Land a Job Using Social Media

The word "social" used to have a well-known connotation that was geared towards our human interaction between each other. This interaction was channeled through different mediums and methods throughout the different ages. The word "social," however, has acquired an entirely different meaning in the technological age. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more "social media" sites, the definition of being social now has a new significance.

Social media sites have enabled us to connect and become more powerful in ways never approached before. The more networking we do, the better our chances will become meeting new people, finding valuable opportunities, and landing dream jobs. One of the very effective modern methods to land a job is by utilizing the power of social media sites and their tools. This article introduces some of the methods based on observation, extensive reading and a personal experience.

Build Your "Social CV"

For a long time, job seekers have had to go through the trouble of finding a professional CV-writing method in order to reflect their true potentials. Though this is still necessary especially for recruiting companies that have not gone "social" yet, many sites have introduced innovative and efficient approaches towards building a professional online CV. For example, millions of worldwide professionals have utilized LinkedIn to enhance their chances of visibility. According to a very interesting infographic, the site's members have exceeded 100 million people worldwide, and the number is on the rise. Having a profile on LinkedIn increases your chances of visibility exponentially. Pay attention to how you build your CV on this site because it reflects your attitude. Use every tool available, such as skills and recommendations. Expand your network to include middle and high profile professionals. Join professional groups and search for jobs and companies that are of interest to you. Use your profile to apply for jobs instead of merely sending a CV in a Word document or other formats. LinkedIn has become a viable alternative to your documented CV. So utilize it well!

Tweet Your Interests!

Twitter has a large base of users, and it is a very popular site that has grown exponentially over the years. More than 200 million people use this site. Though it might look more personal than otherwise, professionals and companies alike have turned to using this valuable site in huge numbers. But how can you personally use Twitter to find a job? Well, you need to build your Twitter profile first. Make it reflect your interests. Use eye-catching graphics and background. Tweet your interests. Put a link to your LinkedIn profile or your online CV. Follow interesting and influential people and companies. Establish relationships and conversations by re-tweeting and mentioning. And most importantly, search for companies that are tweeting jobs. Use hashtags (#) before your search terms. Search for recruiting companies that are using Twitter to post jobs. In other words, be active and you will find worthy results.

Facebook! Yes Indeed!

With more than 500 million users worldwide, Facebook could be considered a country by itself. This "online country" is valuable and useful in multiple ways. Though the site is not meant to build a business-looking profile like LinkedIn, job seekers can use it to search for jobs that are announced and posted by companies and groups. There are many groups in your area that offer recruiting services and which have Facebook profiles. You can also search for the pages of companies of your interest, and then be up-to-date with their activities, their jobs postings and their latest requirements. In addition, put a link to your LinkedIn profile or your online CV on your Facebook page. Let your Facebook friends and buddies know that you are looking for a job. The chances are that your friends might know a company which is in need of a person of your qualifications. The word of mouth on Facebook can be very effective, especially if you have a large base of connections and friends.

To summarize, social media has become a serious business that can be utilized for numerous reasons and purposes. The more you create good visibility of your talents, skills and experience, the better the chances will be for you to land your dream job. Integrating all your social media profiles is essential. Unify your communication message, and be consistent. And always, try to utilize social media tools the best way possible.

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