Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Arabic Becoming Extinct?

This is the article I wrote for elan Magazine.

The evolution of languages is an everlasting process. Since the dawn of humanity, mankind has sought to communicate in various ways. The invention of languages, whether written or spoken, was a milestone in our progress as human beings towards a civilized society. The case with the Arabic language is not different. A Semitic language with over 280 million native speakers spread mainly in the Arab World, Arabic has witnessed major challenges throughout its history. These challenges are a direct threat to the identity of Arabs and the practical use of Arabic in general.

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Devil's Mind said...

Languages and in particular spoken languages is not an invention (at least that's debatable). Written languages can be thought of as an invention.

The reason I say this is that spoken languages are part of human nature. Studies have shown that the concept of a spoken language is hardwired in our brains. We do it by instinct, rather than invention.

Of course, a given language, say Arabic or English, is an invention.