Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Brilliance of an Idea

Brilliant ideas do change and transform the world. When "Eureka" takes place, and when there are resources coupled with commitment and passion, true magic can happen. And more so in the current digital age! Our inherent strife to look for the "social" side in each one of us can generate cash like no other times. The industrial revolution that brought about trains, automobiles, oil extraction, airplanes, and so much more, had accelerated the development of human beings in un-witnessed manner. And this was all a continuation of the so many "eureka's" found by philosophers, thinkers, scientists during the renaissance age and even before that with the advancement in science that the Islamic Empire had contributed to.

The story is different nowadays. The literal explosion of information which has suddenly become available to every single human being on earth has led our humanity to unprecedented levels. There is change every single day, whether for the good or the bad. Our advancement to the unknown is rapidly accelerating. The land for imagination and forecasting of the future is abundantly fertile. With the help of technologies, teens and grow-ups alike are more likely to generate creative ideas than at old times. And the process is becoming more attractive financially speaking.

But, is coming up with an idea an easy task? Or does it just happen at the flicker of a moment without giving it much thought? For example, why has Linkedin become a worldwide phenomenon to the extent that every second a new member joins?? What is so attractive about Facebook that more than 500 million people have joined it? Has traditional thinking become so archaic and unpractical in the modern digital age? How can old communication gurus in the pre-digital age cope with the new giants which are attacking their space? All of these are valid questions; only the coming days and years will show us where we are heading. But truth to be said: the brilliance is in coming up with a life-changing idea!

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