Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Google Adsense: Money in the Making

Boy how much have times changed! I have just realized how powerful online marketing could be. Not only does the communication age let individuals express themselves freely across the virtual world, it also helps them make tons of money. Anyone who is keenly interested in the digital age now and has some very basic ideas - if not also advanced - can make money using the online platforms such as Google Adsense. A high-traffic website can absolutely benefit from this service that Google creatively offers and makes easy and available to everyone.

But the question for Muslims who consider themselves a bit committed and care about making money that's halal: Could this service be purely halal? Even though one can filter unwanted sites from appearing on the ads that Google publishes on your site, is it still possible to block ALL unwanted ads (such as porn, dating, alcohol, gambling, ... etc)? The service itself is so huge and complicated that according to one website i read, the ads could change from one country to another, and the site's owner can never control the ads a 100%. I tried the service for one day and i made $0.03 (lucky me). But still, the idea itself is extremely intriguing and attractive; nevertheless, i need much more training and knowledge about this thing to fully comprehend the power of the new digital age.

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