Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On the execution of Saddam...

Ok here we go: Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator for nearly 35 years of the life of Iraq and its people, has been executed. Well, this is nothing new, especially that most people by now know that it finally happened. But, what is the significance of it? Why did it draw such a huge worldly attention?

First of all, the execution of Saddam happened on the first day of Eid Al-Adha; the thing which was not liked at all by a big majority of Arabs and Muslims, including some of Saddam's opponents and sworn enemies. Apart from this fact, it is important, and also weird at the same time, to notice that a lot of Arabs and Iraqis were extremely angry at the death of a dictator who slaughtered thousands of Iraqis and was the direct cause for the current misfortunes of the Iraqi people. Nevertheless, you find people whose blind and extreme passion for Arab nationalism and tribal loyalties have drawn them to believe that Saddam is indeed a hero for the Arabs and the Muslims!!

What is even stranger that this is what i saw on the famous and the notorious Al-Jazeera Program: The Opposite Direction lately. This recent episode, which discussed the consequences of the execution of Saddam, was probably the most violent and heated debate I have ever seen on air (I have not seen this on any western TV channel so far). Here is the link for the episode (it is only in Arabic) :


Regardless of the absolutely uncivilized manner that the discussion between the two guests went, we can see how blind loyalty can bring us to our own annihilation, even when injustice was directly done to us by such dictators as Saddam. What I find strange is that thousands of Arabs love Saddam now just for the mere fact that he "supposedly stood against the Americans and the invaders," forgetting 35 years of bloody history, including three or more wars that he brought to the nation, causing the slow death in resources and otherwise. All I am hoping is that we wake up and see the truth with our own eyes and hearts, regardless of any external forces that might affect our seeing...

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