Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Downfall: Episode 6

Fate does not give excuses. But do we ever recognize that?

Sandra and George saw in themselves a deep level of understanding and commitment. It was an understanding of their differences, and a commitment towards finding a common ground. She was trying to give him a hand out of his intellectual hole. He, in his turn, started to open his heart to her and to feel an unprecedented level
of comfort towards a woman, probably for the first time in his miserable, emotionless life.

The rain started pouring non-stop. It was all a combination of romantic, scary, and unreal kind of adventure. In such a spontaneous move, Sandra held G's hand and clutched it firmly like a daughter would do to her dad. Looking surprised, George felt the woman's warmth. "Holding Sandra's hand is an experience in itself. It revives the heart, makes it jump out of place, and opens the doors for mysterious horizons. It is simply inexplicable," George was thinking.

These developments were preparing for yet another love story, an unrealistic one. Out of naivety, human beings foolishly think they can settle their differences without trouble. Even with the idea of love, they believe that they can eliminate borders, erase disparities, bring the opposites together, and live happily ever after. Well, that was not Sandra's and G's case!

As both of them were predominantly preoccupied with their intimate conversation and forecasted love affair, fate stepped in. The communication was taking place as they were crossing the street. A driver was so hurrying in his car trying to catch the diminishing glimpses of dark before dawn breaks in. He didn't notice the would-be-couple crossing the street so harmoniously. Finding them suddenly before his car, he pushed his foot for the brake pedal, but he ran the gas one instead. In just a split of a second, the car cut their harmony so haphazardly and threw them more than ten meters away.

As people started yelling and calling 911, a strange scene was in the making. George was catching what was left of his breath, trying to reach out for Sandra's hand. He didn't want to let go of this defining moment. He lay down beside the bleeding woman, caught her fingers, and sent his eagle-eye looks in a final chapter of earthly communication. She, in her concluding moments of her existence, felt the same strikingly loving and caring looks she experienced just a few minutes ago in the café. Just like it started, the eye communication was the ultimate ending. And so, their souls rose away in an act of indifference to the 911 calls.

It might have been that George was Sandra's rising climax, and she was his eventual downfall. After all, who would have thought for a second that the odds, represented so well in both of them, could mix together? There are no excuses, no reasonable circumstances, and no clear indications as to why this could happen.

And thus, humanity was spared another "unusual" love affair.

The End.

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