Friday, September 28, 2012

The Downfall: Episode 5

“How about we go to DuPont Circle?”

That was George taking the initiative for the first time. He was suddenly feeling an unprecedented sense of comfort with this strange but apparently attractive lady. He wasn’t a womanizer though. He used to have a hesitant attitude and didn’t quite know how to handle women.

“Sure thing. I’d be happy to take that walk,” said Sandra.

It was one of
the cold mid-January nights. Christmas already took its joyful moments away, though the streets were still decorated with lights of shining colors. The glorious sound of thunder was roaring every now and then, and the smell of rain was so refreshing that both of them didn’t want it to end. All in all, it was too good to be true, at least for George.

“So tell me, how can I help you?” Sandra asked, with the blunt curiosity of a woman in her status.

“Well, you’re probably right. I do need help. I am carrying an unspecified burden over my shoulders. It cannot be quantified or measured materially. It is an inner circle of endless pain.”

“So, what is it all about?”

“The pain is in us, human beings.”

Sandra didn’t quite understand what he was referring to. After all, who the hell cared about such a thing if they had not been either crazy or idealistic? “Idealism is such a nasty word in this material world,” Sandra thought to herself.

“Have you ever thought why the strong tortures the weak, why evil is so inborn in some people, and why we continue to prove our inability to coexist and accept our differences? Why is irrationality still ruling our judgment? Why do we follow our animalistic emotions at a time when we need to use our collective wisdom for our benefit?”

“These are indeed big questions. Believe it or not G, a woman like me does not need to think so much as long as I am able to provide for my needs and live comfortably. It is worth spending some time to contemplate over such thoughts, but I would definitely have to go crazy if I over-think it,” Sandra answered with an assuring tone, nicknaming him G in an attempt to break the ice.

“May be you’re right. I once read for a famous Arab poet:

A wise man is in his paradise tortured
and an ignorant is happily enjoying his calamity.”

As they were both preoccupied “over-thinking” the misfortunes of the world, something so shocking took place. It was probably the beginning of the end.

to be continued…

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