Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Downfall: Episode 4

“I thought you needed help,” said Sandra.

That was her name, easily spelled and pronounced. Not too many complications, despite the fact that she was sophisticated in her dress, her make-up, and the extravagant brands she used to pick from. She was representing an inner Paris: the capital of fashion in her own way, though French was not necessarily her favorite language. In fact, she

didn’t care much for languages. Her appearance was her only communication medium. Her external beauty was the focal point around which men of all ages and backgrounds would hover.

“Who said I needed help,” said George. His father named him after the great George Bernard Shaw. He was probably forecasting for his son a future full of writing stardom. But naturally, as is the case with all human beings, he did not expect that much of a painful future.

- “Your eyes did, so fluently and so eloquently.” Sandra answered. “What’s your name by the way?”

- “George, and no, I appreciate your offer.”

The conversation took place while the lightning and thunder were playing their harmonious symphony outside. “Through the Dark,” by KT Tunstall, was playing in the background. Just like the song was saying, Sandra felt that George needed to “feel his way through the dark.” He needed a blissful hand, an affectionate heart.

“How about we walk outside? Rain does wash the soul and grow seeds of love in a sterile land,” insisted Sandra. “We could keep walking until our legs lose strength. We could explore all of Washington until dawn breaks. D.C. is so charming at night.”

Finding the idea both relaxing and intriguing, George shoved away his hesitation and nodded acceptingly. He was in much need of something to soothe him, no matter what the cost was. His soul had been trembling lately. His romanticism was idealistic in a time when idealism and good manners had been rare treasure. So, he pulled himself together, paid for the coffee, and opened the door for a rainy adventure that was about to turn his life upside down.

to be continued...

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