Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Downfall: Episode 3

She was some sort of a playgirl.

It was an inborn thing. She didn’t live it at first, nor did she feel it. She had an urgent need to communicate with men, mingle with them, listen to them, and enjoy their peeks and their naughty comments. But there was no exact definition as to what this had meant. Was it inferiority complex, or was it an endless attraction to the other sex? “Don’t

we all, women, enjoy being liked, or peeked at?” always thought she.

However, there was something special about this man. Despite his indifferent appearance, the long unshaved beard painted with tiny grey hairs, and the old-looking coat, his sharp eye contact was akin to an eagle ferociously aiming at its running prey. These looks, though sharp as they were, conveyed an endless pain. For her, he must have been one of two: a trivial moron, or a potential genius. She was leaning towards the second option. “Appearances are deceptive” is what she was thinking.

And now after the sound of thunder followed the horrific lightning, they both had to wake up. He lowered his gaze in an act of shyness or uncertainty. She, on the other hand, didn’t want to miss the opportunity. As he was about to leave the café, she grabbed her chair and sat next to him. Curiosity was killing the cat, and she was a voluptuous one. She felt an inner need to explore this man, and yes, help him. His looks were calling 911, and she was the call responder.

It might have been an unusual move, especially from a lady. After all, men are supposed to be courageous enough and take the first step. “Why is this woman harassing me? What does she want from me?” he was thinking. But she left him speechless. Her strong attitude was one that forced him to lean back on his chair and relax in an attempt to grasp the matter.

And the interesting conversation was about to start…

to be continued

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