Monday, September 24, 2012

The Downfall: Episode 2

Suddenly, the lightning struck violently.

They had to wake up from their short sleep. Fate had to take a move. The looks, though attractive enough, had no direction. It was like any other attraction, albeit it took a different shape, a different mode. He, indifferent as he is, was full of likewise thoughts that kept his temporary emotions at bay. “May be it wasn’t fate, necessarily,” he murmured to himself. What is a first-sight love if the odds are apparent enough? 

For him, the days he experienced back and forth working as a creative writer for a small-size agency have been tasteless. “A senseless guy, working creatively. How weird is that?” he asked himself. The only driving force that instigated his creative abilities was “pain.” As strange as this might be, it was pain that pushed him incessantly towards writing such beautiful copies. Language was a tool he used well. It was his final destination. The words were dancing in his imagination; the commas and colons were dissecting his texts and paragraphs like no other tools.

And now, having been struck by this defining moment, he stood up wanting to run away. He was escaping the idea of love itself. For him, emotions are without a meaning if not expressed by words, phrases and sentences. The eye-interaction was a first of its kind. So, as he was heading outside, something of a weird nature froze him. His legs couldn’t move. His fingers were pressing him to write something. But it wasn’t the right time, nor was it suitable to use his pen. It was time for, well, his lips to speak the unspeakable…

to be continued

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