Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Downfall: Episode 1

Intimate moments define affinities.

When his handsomely bluish eyes had sparked in reddish colors, the first-timer felt the instant fire. He never tried it before; never thought he would even taste it. His cold-blooded nature has overwhelmed him for the past years of his senseless life. The lips were zipped; the tongues stopped moving. Only the eyes, full as they are with affection, 
had the chemistry working efficiently. They both spoke volumes without a single utterance. They both felt paralyzed, unmoved by the surrounding events which had coincidentally brought them together to this unheard-of cafĂ©. 

Sitting meters away from each other, and ordering what seemed to be a warm shelter from the romantically-rainy evening, they looked astonished. For a moment, it seemed like they met somewhere back in time. She was wearing an immaculately-clean velvet coat untouched by the flying mud of running cars on streets. He, impressed at first by the surprising cleanness of her appearance, looked considerably indifferent in comparison to a stylish lady. But the odds had worked fine to combine what we call a "displaced harmony."

In a matter of minutes, may be even seconds, the attractive exchange of looks sent constant messages that determined their entire destiny, their mutual climax, and eventual downfall.

to be continued...

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